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(731) 336-4825
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Latest reviews for Papaleo Towing 5/5.0 stars (7 reviews)

Very friendly service n great prices..
Fast acurate dependable. Always friendly service.
Such a huge help when my tire fell off, he was super responsible, professional, and always has a great attitude! Highly highly recommend!
Steve Papaleo owner of Papaleo Towing has always number one go to person hero and brother. But now if I need a tow he knows who I am gonna call...
My truck broke down in town. I called them, they were there in 5 minutes. Loaded the truck in less than 5 minutes. The lowest cost anywhere. If you want a professional company with the drive for their customers needs, this is the towing company you show call.
Always available and fast service! Will on use papaleo towing
Good ppl real good trustworthy and good on his prices they do everything the safe way not the worg way

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